My last trip to Paraguay

South America, one of the most luscious places on earth. I love South America! This year’s holiday was spent touring around Paraguay, but mostly spent my time in San Bernardino. It is a very small country in South America, that has been riddled with a history of war over the waters. Unfortunate they lost that battle, and due to this the population was slow to grow, with more women than men die to this tragic war of the ocean. This place has a landscape of very dry flatlands. Very plains like. The communication barrier I found was similar to many other places in South America, they speak Spanish and Guarani. The latter being an native indigenous language spoken widely in the country.

The cost of my trip was very inexpensive. The cost of living in Paraguay is similar to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The one thing I enjoyed was the authentic food. I love Latin cuisine and this place had foods that were worth the travel for, in and of itself. Not too spicy but not too bland either. My favorite local dish was Locro, a corn type soup. Corn and Beef seem to be the staple of food here.

My love for this place is in the people of Paraguay. The locals are fantastic. They treated me like family and I had not one bad experience with dealing with the local people. I have always had the mindset that I am a guest in their land, and I must follow local custom and traditions.

The weather was wonderful. It boasted an awesome 76 degrees throughout my short trip.

San Bernardino was fantastic, it had some killer resorts and party spots for the young traveler. The Lago Ypacarai is an awesome place to do water sports. I was able to have a blast doing a seabreacher ride. It was someone’s private vessel, but wow was it fun! The only downside was that the color of the water was not very clear. I think this had to do with the amount of water craft in the area all year around.

At the time of the trip I stayed at the La Cosona 365, which was a nice little bed and breakfast. It had limited amenities, but was a nice place to lay my head at the end of the day.

I will write more about my trip to this place, but I wanted to highlight one destination that was very fun. Aventura Xtrema is an outdoor park that has climbing and zip lining through the treetops and such. The cost was not at all that bad. Lolo and the rest of the team did a fantastic job in communicating with me and the whole experience was just fantastic.

All in all, this little gem in South America is a place I am sure to return to, engulfed in rich history and culture, you can’t find a better place to visit, and is a step sideways from the typical places to go on holiday.

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