Republic of Paraguay

Republic of Paraguay is positioned virtually in the center of South America. Its area is spread over 407 thousand square kilometers and its populace is 1.7 million people. Paraguay is the country with the least populace in South The u.s.a. In the second fifty percent of the 16-th century the territory of today Paraguay was populated by the Spanish settlers, with that likewise came the members of the catholic order of the Jesuits, whose guideline lasted 150 years. In 1811 Paraguay stated its freedom. Quickly in power was the dictator Fransisa, who ruled for 26 years and also was one of the soldiers for freedom. In 1865 Argentina, Brazil and also Uruguay proclaimed war to Paraguay. This war took many casualties in the country and most of its population was eliminated.

During the 20th century in the nation were fighting for power the controling teams and the oppressors. The reactionary federal governments went after the passion of the American monopolists. People were fighting versus this national politics, however its activities were squashed with extreme steps. In 1954 right into power came gen. Alfredo Stresner. In 1989 gen. Andres Rodriges conducted a politic for caring out the nation from the seclusion, in which she was placed many thanks to lots of reforms. Democratic elections were absorbed 1993. In 1992 was sent a Constitution. Paraguay is constitutional republic. President is the head of state, that is selected for five years.

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