Hello Paraguay!

Blogging Paraguay 01Okay let’s be honest I bought this site from Brenda who was going to Paraguay and most likely has come and gone from this place leaving her nothing to do but remember what once was an expensive alternative to a free blog hosted on one of those great blogging sites like WordPress or Blogger or Tumblr. These days it’s almost impossible not to have a free page of information. It seems we’ve replaced the boxes of information that we used to carry around in paper notebooks in our digital archives.

Have you been to Paraguay?

“Why Paraguay Brenda?” besides the fact that it sits in the heart of South America and continues to be the land locked region that has been isolated by geography and political foreign policy. Boasting the longest enduring modern military dictatorship and now Spanish Guarani population with a GDP that ranks it 99th in the world.

So, why did you go to Paraguay Brenda? Was it the promise of seclusion or was it the metropolitan life you could have in Asuncion? Or could it possibly have been to see the Paraguay River or the slightly higher life expectancy of Paraguayans according to wikipedia.


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