Fit life in Paraguay

flag-skin careParaguay stands a blocked-in country in the Central South America. It is lying between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil amazing for people who want to have a fit life. It is lying on the groups of the-Paraguay River. This river flows after north toward south. Paraguay is the smallest landlocked country in America. Due to the location of Paraguay, it is sometimes called as the heart of South America.

The climate of Paraguay is tropical to sub-tropical. Paraguay has dry and wet periods mostly. The Paraguay’s weather has a great effect of wind which ultimately influences the weather of Paraguay. The warm winds from Amazon basin in the northern parts between October to March, and the cold winds from Andes in the May and August chills and changes the weather. The Paraguay has no mountain ranges to provide a barrier against the winds which can move with the speed of 161 kilometers per hour. The temperature variation greatly influences the atmosphere and weather of Paraguay. January is recorded as the hottest summer month in Paraguay. In the month of January, the average temperature may record up to 28.9 degrees Celsius. Health in Paraguay: The average life expectancy in Paraguay is higher as compared to the poverty. It was 75 years during the 2009 recorded. According to the World Health Organization, Paraguay is the eighth in Americas highest and equivalent to Argentina in economy. Paraguay spends 2.6% of its GDP over public health. The private health expenditure is almost equal to 5.1%. The infants mortality was recorded in 2005, according to the report, 20 infants die per 1000 births. The facts and figure recorded in 2000 shows that the maternal mortality rate was 150 per 100,000. The World Bank has taken steps and helped Paraguay government to reduce the maternal and infants’ death or mortality. The project, the mother and child basic health Insurance project made excellent efforts to reduce mortality by increasing the use of life saving services in the Child Basic Health program. The project also aimed to improve the quality of the health service.


The Healthy Lives in Paraguay: Due to the sub-tropical and tropical climate of the Paraguay, it is the most attractive place for the tourists. Each year many tourists visit Paraguay, and live their healthy lives in the soil of Paraguay. The variations in temperature and the winds coming from the northern parts are very useful for the healthy lives. The food and natural beauty of Paraguay provide a very friendly atmosphere for the Healthy lives of the inhabitants as well as the foreigners. Paraguay enjoys the geostrategic location of the Bolivia at one side, and Brazil and Argentina at other side surrounds the borders. The people of Paraguay are very hospitable and warm.

The Paraguayan people are naturally food lovers. They are expert in cooking. The most popular dishes of Paraguayan people are: freshwater fish, soups, beef dishes, eggs, cheese, corn soup and milk etc. They take a very special kind of tea made local herbs. They use cana and beer, terere(a kind of bitter tea made from the leaves ) as their drinks – way too good to stay fit and .


The use of natural herbs and natural food allow them to fight diseases efficiently. Their healthy lives secret is the usage of herbs, glorious weather, their food and their clean environment free from pollution. The people of Paraguay are fond of the traditional dishes and food. They are cooking expert in the making of different soups especially corn soups. The life expectancy is yet to be improved in Paraguay. The World Bank funded projects are working in order to reduce the mortality and to improve the life standard of the public. The public beneficiates from the health insurance projects provided to them by availing the medical and health services.

The healthy lives in Paraguay provide chances for the public and the expatriates to visit and enjoy the fresh air which could move as fast as 161 kilometers per hour before you start home workout programs. The Paraguay River also reverberates the healthy life of the people focusing and taking fresh air from there. The beauty of Paraguay has a great attraction for the tourists who wish to live their lives healthy. They are suggested to visit the heaven of Paraguay. They will feel healthy after using the foods and herbs in Paraguay, and breathing fresh air.

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