Downsizing Your Company

A gloomy national economic outlook will mean more companies looking toward cutting jobs in Paraguay and outsourcing them to maintain their bottom lines. In such a scenario, you cannot be sure who will be affected. Not only will it mean losing jobs, but also a reduction in existing salary structures in Asunción and surrondings.
This sets the clock ticking on how to cope with the prospect of losing a job and what to do next.


How to Cope skills With Downsizing

One of the ways to work with the fear of losing your job is to confront the situation by preparing yourself for the change. Most of us prefer a settled lifestyle with a routine.

When that routine is disturbed, we feel stressed and insecure. It is best to be prepared for what may be inevitable.

Overcoming Emotions

It is healthy to express whatever worry and anxiety you may feel. There will be feelings of hurt, pain, and sadness when it comes to a possible move or change and lack of promotion or salary increase. You will feel the same way if you are fired or denied benefits. Rather than keep them to yourself, it is best to express them to someone.

Unexpected changes affect us all. A change such as downsizing in company hits hard, but we must be prepared and cope effectively instead of feeling lost. It’s simple to slip into depression or to neglect your family while trying to cope with the changes that have disturbed you and your lifestyle.

office-620823_1920Everyone will be better served if you and they face it together.

Positive Feelings
It is important to overcome the depression and be positive and upbeat in your outlook. Remind yourself that this, too, will pass. You have lost only your job, not the world or your family. Look at the brighter side of things.

Recognize Your Skills
You have probably learned a lot on your present job. Those skills belong to you, and that is what will serve you in your next job. There may be so many opportunities waiting out there that you have not explored until now because you were secure.

Look around and explore. Maybe you could think of starting your enterprise with the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Maybe you’d like to experiment with some issue new instead – and this is your chance. A new venture could be a way to apply your creativity.

Prove Yourself

Maybe you’re not one of those who will be affected negatively by downsizing. But this is still your time to prove your worthiness to your current organization. You stand every chance of being appreciated. Show genuine interest in the problems of the organization and how you can help solve some of them.

Use your creativity. You will probably be called upon to take on some of the tasks of those that are let go. Be committed to your work. In addition to proving yourself, increase your value to the organization. Meet challenges effectively and avoid becoming complacent because you were retained while others were not.

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