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Fit life in Paraguay

flag-skin careParaguay stands a blocked-in country in the Central South America. It is lying between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil amazing for people who want to have a fit life. It is lying on the groups of the-Paraguay River. This river flows after north toward south. Paraguay is the smallest landlocked country in America. Due to the location of Paraguay, it is sometimes called as the heart of South America.

The climate of Paraguay is tropical to sub-tropical. Paraguay has dry and wet periods mostly. The Paraguay’s weather has a great effect of wind which ultimately influences the weather of Paraguay. The warm winds from Amazon basin in the northern parts between October to March, and the cold winds from Andes in the May and August chills and changes the weather. The Paraguay has no mountain ranges to provide a barrier against the winds which can move with the speed of 161 kilometers per hour. The temperature variation greatly influences the atmosphere and weather of Paraguay. January is recorded as the hottest summer month in Paraguay. In the month of January, the average temperature may record up to 28.9 degrees Celsius. Health in Paraguay: The average life expectancy in Paraguay is higher as compared to the poverty. It was 75 years during the 2009 recorded. According to the World Health Organization, Paraguay is the eighth in Americas highest and equivalent to Argentina in economy. Paraguay spends 2.6% of its GDP over public health. The private health expenditure is almost equal to 5.1%. The infants mortality was recorded in 2005, according to the report, 20 infants die per 1000 births. The facts and figure recorded in 2000 shows that the maternal mortality rate was 150 per 100,000. The World Bank has taken steps and helped Paraguay government to reduce the maternal and infants’ death or mortality. The project, the mother and child basic health Insurance project made excellent efforts to reduce mortality by increasing the use of life saving services in the Child Basic Health program. The project also aimed to improve the quality of the health service.


The Healthy Lives in Paraguay: Due to the sub-tropical and tropical climate of the Paraguay, it is the most attractive place for the tourists. Each year many tourists visit Paraguay, and live their healthy lives in the soil of Paraguay. The variations in temperature and the winds coming from the northern parts are very useful for the healthy lives. The food and natural beauty of Paraguay provide a very friendly atmosphere for the Healthy lives of the inhabitants as well as the foreigners. Paraguay enjoys the geostrategic location of the Bolivia at one side, and Brazil and Argentina at other side surrounds the borders. The people of Paraguay are very hospitable and warm.

The Paraguayan people are naturally food lovers. They are expert in cooking. The most popular dishes of Paraguayan people are: freshwater fish, soups, beef dishes, eggs, cheese, corn soup and milk etc. They take a very special kind of tea made local herbs. They use cana and beer, terere(a kind of bitter tea made from the leaves ) as their drinks – way too good to stay fit and .


The use of natural herbs and natural food allow them to fight diseases efficiently. Their healthy lives secret is the usage of herbs, glorious weather, their food and their clean environment free from pollution. The people of Paraguay are fond of the traditional dishes and food. They are cooking expert in the making of different soups especially corn soups. The life expectancy is yet to be improved in Paraguay. The World Bank funded projects are working in order to reduce the mortality and to improve the life standard of the public. The public beneficiates from the health insurance projects provided to them by availing the medical and health services.

The healthy lives in Paraguay provide chances for the public and the expatriates to visit and enjoy the fresh air which could move as fast as 161 kilometers per hour before you start home workout programs. The Paraguay River also reverberates the healthy life of the people focusing and taking fresh air from there. The beauty of Paraguay has a great attraction for the tourists who wish to live their lives healthy. They are suggested to visit the heaven of Paraguay. They will feel healthy after using the foods and herbs in Paraguay, and breathing fresh air.

Downsizing Your Company

A gloomy national economic outlook will mean more companies looking toward cutting jobs in Paraguay and outsourcing them to maintain their bottom lines. In such a scenario, you cannot be sure who will be affected. Not only will it mean losing jobs, but also a reduction in existing salary structures in Asunción and surrondings.
This sets the clock ticking on how to cope with the prospect of losing a job and what to do next.


How to Cope skills With Downsizing

One of the ways to work with the fear of losing your job is to confront the situation by preparing yourself for the change. Most of us prefer a settled lifestyle with a routine.

When that routine is disturbed, we feel stressed and insecure. It is best to be prepared for what may be inevitable.

Overcoming Emotions

It is healthy to express whatever worry and anxiety you may feel. There will be feelings of hurt, pain, and sadness when it comes to a possible move or change and lack of promotion or salary increase. You will feel the same way if you are fired or denied benefits. Rather than keep them to yourself, it is best to express them to someone.

Unexpected changes affect us all. A change such as downsizing in company hits hard, but we must be prepared and cope effectively instead of feeling lost. It’s simple to slip into depression or to neglect your family while trying to cope with the changes that have disturbed you and your lifestyle.

office-620823_1920Everyone will be better served if you and they face it together.

Positive Feelings
It is important to overcome the depression and be positive and upbeat in your outlook. Remind yourself that this, too, will pass. You have lost only your job, not the world or your family. Look at the brighter side of things.

Recognize Your Skills
You have probably learned a lot on your present job. Those skills belong to you, and that is what will serve you in your next job. There may be so many opportunities waiting out there that you have not explored until now because you were secure.

Look around and explore. Maybe you could think of starting your enterprise with the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Maybe you’d like to experiment with some issue new instead – and this is your chance. A new venture could be a way to apply your creativity.

Prove Yourself

Maybe you’re not one of those who will be affected negatively by downsizing. But this is still your time to prove your worthiness to your current organization. You stand every chance of being appreciated. Show genuine interest in the problems of the organization and how you can help solve some of them.

Use your creativity. You will probably be called upon to take on some of the tasks of those that are let go. Be committed to your work. In addition to proving yourself, increase your value to the organization. Meet challenges effectively and avoid becoming complacent because you were retained while others were not.

Fridge magnets from your travel to Paraguay

Fridge magnets are usually considered to be a fascinating ornament to beautify freezers as well as a fridge and also seem to be appreciated studying device for children.

fridge-magnet-499371_1920The particular family fridge door was now the place to watch out for all members of the family for communications, accomplishments along with a little memorabilia. It’s tough to imagine that these fridge magnets would have been created as a decorative commodity. It’s simply because we may not associate it with ornamentation.

Presently, fridge magnets are simply just utilized similarly to various other home assets. They are available in all designs, sizes, colors, and materials and all of us just cannot seem to consume enough of them.

The credit for the thought of fridge magnets was initially conceived by William Zimmerman from St. Louis in the early 1970s. He even got the concept trademarked back then (a
serious visionary, don’t you believe). His patent was small, colored cartoons used by the decoration of the normally plain and simple looking fridge doors.

Since then fridge magnets have been coming thicker as well as fast. They are available in plastic material, metallic form using innovative patterns. You may also find fridge magnets in kind of
English alphabets. Fridge magnets are classified as the most love able product of children mainly because it helps them to find out several English alphabets having fun.

attachment-21089_1920The technology working in the back-end of the simple fridge magnets is usually far away from
fundamental. In sharp comparison with the regular magnets which have evidently best-known North and South poles, the refrigerator magnets in many occasions are developed with hanging the two North and North poles on top of a plane. This particular set up results in double the
strength on the side that sticks to the metallic fridge door. This gives the picture side within the magnet and non-magnetic property. The arrangement in technological circles is recognized as the Halbach array.

Marketing experts’ and view the fridge magnets like a great marketing and advertising gizmo.

Statistically, a normal person views the family fridge door 40 times per day. That’s 14600 impressions every year. Not surprising why all of the retail firms created their refrigerator magnets. These kinds of magnets are available with funny phrases and taglines. Because of this, that there’s a style of comic taglines referred to as the fridge magnet poetry.

These kinds of fridge magnets can be found in great shape for example wedding fridge magnets (with the obvious reasons). It could be certainly appropriate to say that fridge magnets have attained an iconic position in our homes. It’s possible to often use them as utility or as a
decorative item to jazz up the freezer door, but this very simple item of the magnet has become an essential section of our schedule. Want to know precisely what draws us in the direction of it? Mainly we all could categorize fridge magnets as funny fridge magnets, custom fridge
magnets as well as personalized refrigerator magnets.

The refrigerator is one of the few places that you know you will look at several times a day. This is the aim that you hang reminders of your visit to Paraguay on the fridge that you know you would forget otherwise. The other place you are sure to be each day is the bathroom and in front of the television or computer. It doesn’t make sense to hang things off of the television because it will get in the way of your view. Everybody knows that magnets cannot be near the computer, so that’s out. And you might need to use the bathroom mirror every so often, so you don’t want to hang a bunch of stuff on it.

Many folks even trade fridge magnets with their friends. This kind of activity can make the hobby even more fun. If you get tired of your fridge adornments, then you can take them to
your circle of magnet obsessed friends and trade for their pretty fridge magnets. You might find this hard to believe, but people have been known to make a party out of refrigerator magnet trading. You can do it, too. Invite several friends over for drinks and tell them to bring their fun fridge magnets that they are growing tired of and soon you’ll each have to change the whole look of your fridges.

We all may deduce that fridge magnets are long lasting, lightweight, inexpensive as well as the user-friendly accessory of your visit to Paraguay to offer your freezer a fashionable as well as stylish look.

Paraguayan Cheese Corn Bread

In Paraguay this is typically functioned as an enhancement to soups and barbeque meats, yet cheese corn bread also makes a fantastic enhancement to the breakfast or brunch table.

8 tbsps butter.
1 large wonderful onion, finely chopped.
1 cup farmer’s or home cheese.
1 cup grated Muenster or various other mild cheese.
2 mugs cornmeal.
2 cups grated corn kernels or 1 (16 ounce) could cream-style corn.
1 teaspoon salt.
1 cup milk.
6 eggs, separated.

Warmth half the butter in a skillet as well as cook the onions over modest heat until tender however not brown. Reserve.

Integrate the continuing to be butter with the farmer’s or home cheese and mix till extensively integrated. Add the Muenster, onions, cornmeal, corn, salt, milk, egg yolks, and mix extensively.

Beat the egg whites till soft optimals form and also fold them into the batter. Pour the batter right into a greased and also floured 13 x 10-inch baking pan as well as bake in a preheated 400 level F oven for 45 to 55 minutes, or until a wood pick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Serves 6 to 8.

Paraguay Vacations

Paraguay, which is located in South America, makes an excellent holiday destination. The climate is welcoming and individuals are so welcoming. It’s become a preferred vacation for both couples and families.

There are numerous locations to stay while you check out Paraguay. Many resorts supply both comfy cottages as well as terrific places.

Paraguay has a lot to provide and those that have been to visit usually can not wait to return. One favored task that both natives of Paraguay and tourists enjoy is checking out the national forests. Paraguay is the home of eleven national parks.

If you are remaining in Asuncion you could take a trip down the river and also delight in the surroundings in the marshlands of Paraguay. This is a fantastic method to see the country due to the fact that it affords you a special perspective that you can’t get from exploring the country by land.

Sports are popular in Paraguay and also the tourist doesn’t need to feel as though they can’t participate. Tennis is a preferred and lots of resorts in Paraguay provide tennis facilities for their visitors. The weather is almost always ideal for spending a very few hrs on the court not just working out your physical body but also soaking in the environment as well as the surroundings.

When you travel to Paraguay it is necessary to note that about 75 % of the populace talks Spanish. For somebody with a primary secondary school Spanish background they could possibly get by. Nonetheless, the personnel at the resorts in Paraguay consult English as well as if you require some assistance pertaining to directions or probably a suggestion for a restaurant, they are consistently ready to help. They desire you to have a terrific time throughout your remain and also will certainly strive to create that a truth.

Another way that the hotels in Paraguay job towards pleasing their clientele is by offering very budget-friendly cottages. When you take a trip to Paraguay you may be shocked at the small price of the remains, specifically thinking about the lavish and also beautiful surroundings. It is just one of the factors that individuals are drawn back to Paraguay for their holidays every year. They feel as though they have actually uncovered a small item of paradise.

When planning your next holiday consider all that Paraguay has to supply. The environments are attractive, the environment is perfect and also the resorts are not just moderately valued yet provide the vacationer a possibility to relax as well as discover all that Paraguay has to offer.

If you like staying in a location where individuals are warm and also the environment is casual, compared to Paraguay is where you must be headed.

Republic of Paraguay

Republic of Paraguay is positioned virtually in the center of South America. Its area is spread over 407 thousand square kilometers and its populace is 1.7 million people. Paraguay is the country with the least populace in South The u.s.a. In the second fifty percent of the 16-th century the territory of today Paraguay was populated by the Spanish settlers, with that likewise came the members of the catholic order of the Jesuits, whose guideline lasted 150 years. In 1811 Paraguay stated its freedom. Quickly in power was the dictator Fransisa, who ruled for 26 years and also was one of the soldiers for freedom. In 1865 Argentina, Brazil and also Uruguay proclaimed war to Paraguay. This war took many casualties in the country and most of its population was eliminated.

During the 20th century in the nation were fighting for power the controling teams and the oppressors. The reactionary federal governments went after the passion of the American monopolists. People were fighting versus this national politics, however its activities were squashed with extreme steps. In 1954 right into power came gen. Alfredo Stresner. In 1989 gen. Andres Rodriges conducted a politic for caring out the nation from the seclusion, in which she was placed many thanks to lots of reforms. Democratic elections were absorbed 1993. In 1992 was sent a Constitution. Paraguay is constitutional republic. President is the head of state, that is selected for five years.

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Hello Paraguay!

Blogging Paraguay 01Okay let’s be honest I bought this site from Brenda who was going to Paraguay and most likely has come and gone from this place leaving her nothing to do but remember what once was an expensive alternative to a free blog hosted on one of those great blogging sites like WordPress or Blogger or Tumblr. These days it’s almost impossible not to have a free page of information. It seems we’ve replaced the boxes of information that we used to carry around in paper notebooks in our digital archives.

Have you been to Paraguay?

“Why Paraguay Brenda?” besides the fact that it sits in the heart of South America and continues to be the land locked region that has been isolated by geography and political foreign policy. Boasting the longest enduring modern military dictatorship and now Spanish Guarani population with a GDP that ranks it 99th in the world.

So, why did you go to Paraguay Brenda? Was it the promise of seclusion or was it the metropolitan life you could have in Asuncion? Or could it possibly have been to see the Paraguay River or the slightly higher life expectancy of Paraguayans according to wikipedia.