Brenda is a name that derives it’s origin from the Scandinavian language a female version of the name Brendan according to wikipedia it likely means flaming sword. Not something Brenda was probably proud of when she first discovered it but something I’m sure she grew into in nature as she matured into adulthood. Probably also not bad being a flaming sword in Paraguay.


Paraguay is a country in South America land locked by Brazil Argentina and Bolivia with access to the Paraguay river. A quarter of the countries GDP comes from mineral mining. This means that Paraguay is slowly becoming smaller over time.

Brenda started this blog when she was either in Paraguay or traveling to Paraguay and has since abandoned the site. We are now taking it over and enjoying the small popularity it had with Brenda’s friends and family. We appreciate your visits but unfortunately Brenda is not here anymore. If she has moved on from this content or this world we wish her well and hope that she’s a enjoying all the fiery experiences that a flaming sword should.

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