Amarillo Insurance

Buying insurance is very difficult when it comes to choosing the best plan good cost. Medical insurance is getting more more complicated these days with all rules and regulations come down from the government. These rules and regulations of even confuse many professionals in the insurance business. It’s great to have an insurance agent who • Read More »

Pest Control

Pest control is very important especially when you’re talking about commercial properties I just spoke to a commercial property that was educational institution and they’re having problems with ants. It’s very common to have problems with ants especially here in the Fort Worth area. Answer common problem as we have our very pesky little ants • Read More »

Hello Paraguay!

Okay let’s be honest I bought this site from Brenda who was going to Paraguay and most likely has come and gone from this place leaving her nothing to do but remember what once was an expensive alternative to a free blog hosted on one of those great blogging sites like WordPress or Blogger or • Read More »